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Girl & boy with their pet with boxes

We’re all pretty aware of just how stressful moving home can be but what about your pets? While you’re caught in the chaos of cardboard boxes, sticky tape, and general disarray, it’s easy to forget just how stressed your pets can feel too. Most animals don’t like change and for the more sensitive pets, it can actually make them act differently. If you’re looking to make that transition as safe and stress-free as possible for your pet then here are some tip tips to help.

Packing Time

Try introducing moving boxes and packing equipment into the home early on in the process. This way your furry friends have more time to familiarise themselves with it. That said, try and keep one room free from any packing paraphernalia so that your pet can escape the chaos if they want to. On the actual day itself, make sure your pet remains in a room with the door shut. Try to give them familiar items such as toys and their bed so that they feel safe and secure. If your pet doesn’t like being shut in, then you might want to consider placing them with a family member or a neighbour until you’re ready to go.


If you’re moving just one or two blocks then transportation shouldn’t be quite so much of an issue, but for longer journeys, from a safety point of view, it might be better to put your pet into a crate. This being the case then it’s a good idea to introduce the crate into the home early on so that your pet familiarises themselves with it. Try placing their food inside the crate with the door open, or practice driving around the local area with your pet inside the crate. This way it won’t be so much of a shock on the big day itself.

Settling In

Upon arrival, it’s tempting to open the door and let your dog or cat explore for themselves. However more often than not a new environment can be overwhelming for many animals. If your property isn’t completely enclosed then this is when your pet could try and escape and attempt to make its way back to your old property. With this in mind, it’s an idea to place them in a quiet room where they can’t escape, but preferably keeping them in the crate, with the crate door open. This way they can come out in their own time and explore their immediate surroundings.

Don’t Neglect Them

Finally, when you arrive at your new home there’s usually so much to do that it’s easy to forget about your pet. For this reason, it’s important to set aside some bonding time with them. Whether that’s a game of fetch or a grooming session, it’s important to make time so that they feel relaxed and calm and to reassure them that everything is okay.

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