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Comprehensive Moving Company Services in Brisbane

Since 2001, Scotty’s The Movers has provided Brisbane with friendly, convenient and personalised office and home moving services. Whether you need help moving a single item or an entire household, our high-quality movers and packers services are the right choice for you.

Additional labour costs $83 -Including GST –  per hour per man. Charges for Brisbane-based jobs are calculated in 15-minute increments (2-hour minimum charge), Depot to Depot.

Our prices are the same Monday to Saturday. Scotty’s does not charge extra on the weekends.

man putting tape on packing box

Trusted Removalists in Brisbane

When it’s time to move house or relocate an office, you need a service provider who knows how to handle fragile items safely, packs items in an organised way and gives you the confidence that solutions can be found for even the most complex moves.

That’s where Scotty’s The Movers comes in. Over the years, we have established itself as the most trusted moving house service in Brisbane. We offer a wide range of services including:

Moving House Service

Need to move house but don’t know where to begin? Call now to speak with expert movers and packers. From large moves to smaller jobs, our team takes care of packing, organising, transporting, unpacking and even waste removal, so you can focus on settling yourself and your family into an exciting new home.

Office Furniture Movers in Brisbane

Office relocations require a great deal of experience and skill. Since 2001, Scotty’s The Movers has cemented its place as leading office furniture movers in Brisbane. Our finely tuned office removals process ensures that office equipment, furniture and important documents are packed, transported and unpacked with minimal disruption to business operations.

man scanning box

Local and Regional Removals

The best moving companies offer more than just personnel and vans. Whether you’re moving down the road or clear across the region, Scotty’s The Movers acts as your logistics partner from door to door. From packing and loading, to ensuring that your move is fully compliant with local regulations, our experienced team is diligent, detailed and proactive about doing things the right way.

Transparent Pricing

Hiring removalists in Brisbane doesn’t have to take a toll on your pocket. Our organisation is well-known for providing detailed, transparent pricing structures for every job. We clearly outline the factors that influence moving cost, answer any and all questions about packing, provide tips on how to save costs and develop packages that help our customers stay within budget.

Moving Boxes

A successful house or office move needs high-quality moving boxes and packing materials. Not sure where to find the best products? Contact Scotty’s The Movers to purchase or rent moving boxes that are tried and tested by professionals.

Pre-Moving Services

Overwhelmed by the prospect of packing up your home? We offer pre-move services that include decluttering, organising belongings and detailed checklists that make the process easier.

Experienced Removalists in Brisbane

Ready to get moving? Contact Scotty’s The Movers online for a personalised quote for furniture removers in Brisbane, or fill out a form with your details so that a member of our team can contact you directly.

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