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Affordable Movers for Residential Brisbane Removals

Looking for an easy, professional and friendly service for house moving in Brisbane? Scotty’s The Movers is a high quality moving company with over 20 years of experience helping Brisbane residents begin a new chapter of their lives. We take care of pre-moving, decluttering, packing, transport, unpacking and offer personalised solutions, all within a budget and timeline that suits your requirements.

Young male movers unloading furniture and cardboard boxes from truck on street

Trusted Moving House Service

With Scotty’s The Movers as your home relocation partner, moving home in Brisbane is easier than ever. Read on to find out why customers have trusted us with their belongings for decades.


Hassle-Free Moving Home Process

We guarantee the most streamlined and stress-free house mover services in Brisbane. When you hire Scotty’s The Movers, you get a moving company that with an efficient, tried-and-tested process perfected over decades of work. Our team will handle coordination, communication, packing, transport, local regulations and any other consideration that may arise during the move. From complex removals to extremely fragile, high value goods, our exceptional personnel truly understand the meaning of ‘handle with care’.

 Personalised House Mover Services

When it comes to house moving in Brisbane, no two jobs are ever the same. Each customer has their own priorities, concerns and goals when it comes to how they want their belongings to be moved. To accommodate each individual’s requirements, we offer highly personalised services that allow the customer to be as hands-on or hands-off as they like. With us, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Highly-Trained Personnel

We are extremely proud of our friendly and professional team. Our staff are highly-trained individuals with a complete understanding of work safety as well as goods handling regulations. From the customer service team to the removals team, our personnel are approachable, solution oriented and happy to help, no matter how challenging the job may be. Call now for a customer focused moving house service.


Budget Friendly Moving Services

Scotty’s The Movers is proud to offer moving services with transparent pricing and package options that fit any budget. Whether you’d like to move a single item or relocate an entire home, our team will work closely with you to determine the best pricing, explain all the factors that affect cost, offer tips on how to reduce cost and suggest packages that align with the budget you have in mind. If you’re looking for affordable movers who offer professional, friendly and quality services, contact us today.

Experienced and Professional House Moving Services

When it comes to moving your valued personal belongings, accept nothing less than the very best. Scotty’s The Movers has built a reputation for reliable, professional and on-time services for over two decades, making it a trusted name in residential and office removals in Brisbane. Contact us online for a personalised quote, or fill out our online form to get a call back from our team.