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Expert Brisbane to Hervey Bay Interstate Moving Services

There is often a question regarding how far is Brisbane to Hervey Bay. Navigating the Brisbane to Hervey Bay distance can be challenging, especially with a driving distance of approximately 290 km, but with Scotty’s The Movers by your side, you can rest easy. Our unparalleled expertise ensures your move is smooth, efficient and hassle-free.

Why Scotty’s The Movers Stands Out

Scotty's The Movers Truck Parked Near a Warehouse

Unmatched Local Knowledge

Our extensive familiarity with both Brisbane and Hervey Bay means we always pick the best routes, ensuring timely deliveries. The Brisbane to Hervey Bay distance is our well-trodden path.

Seasoned Crew

Our crew, specifically trained for the Brisbane to Hervey Bay route, is equipped to tackle any challenges, guaranteeing the safe transit of your belongings.

FAQs for the Brisbane to Hervey Bay Route


Q: How far is Brisbane to Hervey Bay?
A: The Hervey Bay to Brisbane distance is around 290 km, roughly a 3.5-hour drive without significant traffic.

Q: Is box packing included in the removalist price?
A: The pre-packing service is invoiced at $197 per hour for a two-man crew and all boxes and packing materials are included.

Q: Before I move, I have a few weeks or months. When should I book my removalist?
A: It’s recommended to book your removalist as soon as possible. Booking early ensures you lock in the price, reserve the space and avoid potential future price increases.

Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: We do not take a deposit when booking a move with us. All moves must be finalised and paid for on the day by EFTPOS, bank transfer or cash. In the case of cash payments, please remember that our trucks do not carry change.

Transparent Pricing: Get Your Free Quote!

At Scotty’s The Movers, we pride ourselves on our transparent pricing. No hidden fees and no surprises. Whether you’re relocating a few items or an entire home, we’re here to help. Experience the difference of a professional move with the experts who’ve been mastering the Hervey Bay to Brisbane distance for over two decades.

Trust in our legacy and let us make your next move your best. Call us on 1300 864 278 or fill out our contact form online for a Seamless Move.

Best Brisbane Removalists

At Scotty’s the Movers, we understand the need to find a cost-effective mover who doesn’t blow your budget. You’ll be pleased with our price for Two Men and a Truck with the option of a Third Man if you need one. Contact Scotty’s the Movers online or call 1300 864 278 find out more and get a free quote.