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About Our Company

In 2001, our business began with the philosophy that the customer should be able to choose how much or how little he or she wants to be involved in the hands-on moving process. To this day, the choice is still yours. We believe this simple philosophy is the reason Scotty’s “The Movers!” has grown from one man, a ute and an idea, to the leading furniture removalist and transport service it is today! Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Darling Downs and Regional Queensland. Basically, if we can load your goods and get them to your destination in a day, you are within our service area.

fleet of moving trucks

What We Provide

At Scotty’s “The Movers!” we provide:

  • The right vehicle for your job
  • The trolleys and specialist lifting equipment needed for safety and efficiency
  • The furniture pads and straps necessary to protect and secure your goods
  • The Professional Crew that you will want back every time you move

You decide if you want us to send out an Experienced Crew to do the entire move for you, or simply a truck (still complete with trolleys, pads and straps) and at least two Professional Removalist who can help you get the job done quickly. Either way, you only pay for the work you want us to do.

We’re Dedicated to Quality Service

Once the furniture move is completed, just let us know if you would like help with anything that needs to be thrown out. We’re happy to come back and take a load or two of rubbish to the dump for you.

Simply put, this business is dedicated to a good quality, inexpensive service that will make life easier for you – our valued customer!

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