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Couple saving money

When you’re relocating your home or business costs can soon mount up. Before long, without realizing it, the budget you set aside has suddenly spiraled out of control. The trouble is that one of the most important aspects of moving home – hiring the removalist – can also be the most expensive. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be, just as long as you follow these simple steps.

Packing DIY

Okay, so you’ve got to go through the hassle of packing years of accumulated stuff into boxes ready for relocation to your new home.  But look at it this way – firstly you’ll save yourself a heap of cash as it’s a service you don’t have to pay for and secondly, it’s a great excuse to de-clutter!

Get Your Sizing Right

The bigger the truck, the more you’ll pay so make sure that you know the right vehicle size for the job. To make it easy, any half-decent removalist should equip you with a rough sizing guide to give you an idea. For example, a small 20 cubic meter truck should offer enough space for a one or two bedroomed unit or a small office. Conversely, a larger 65 cubic meter truck will usually be big enough to safely and securely move the contents of an average four or five-bedroomed home. If you’re unsure, you can always ask the experts. Do take into consideration that if you have any large heavy items such as pool tables or pianos you may have to pay a heavy lifting fee too.

Lend a Helping Hand

Most removal companies will charge by the number of people needed per hour. For example in the case of Scotty’s – “The Movers!” –  a large 65 cubic meter truck is charged out at $162 per hour per two-man crew and $217 for a three-man crew. To save money you can offer to help. Be that third man and save cash in the process.


Get Ruthless!

We touched on it earlier on when talking about de-cluttering but the truth is the fewer cubic meters you have the cheaper the move is likely to be. Therefore the more ruthless you can be with your accumulated ‘stuff’ the better. When you’re packing up your kitchen for example, do you really need to hold onto that broken food mixer that’s been lying abandoned on top of a cupboard for several years? Or how about those old pots and pans? After all, you’ve got a brand new set! Remember a little ruthlessness at this stage could save you a whole heap of cash in the long term.

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