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The thought of moving can provoke an anxiety attack in anyone. However, there are always tips and tricks that will help unwise some of that stress.

A great starting point for anyone is to weigh up the pros and cons of using professional movers, which unlike what most think, doesn’t have to break the bank. If you are local to the movers you are considering using it is always advised to ask about an onsite being done to get an idea on the costs you may incur. Professional packing might also be an option if your budget allows and this can be estimated during an onsite also. Most removalists do also have a size calculator available on their website which can give you an idea of the size of your move. For example, you may have a 3-bedroom home but have extra storage in a shed or garage or use one room as a storage room, therefore meaning your move is not classed as a normal 3 bedroom. Movers are fast, efficient, can save you time and prevent pain and anguish (both physical and emotional). Size up your move with our size calculator.

Two Months to Moving Day

You may think two months out from moving day is too early to start a moving checklist. But the key to a successful, stress-free move is preparation. Moving house usually takes longer than expected—obstacles will pop up along the way—particularly if you’re packing your own belongings. By following our checklist for moving house, you give yourself the best possible chance of a painless, punctual and cost effective move. Moving tips two months out:

  • Lock in your removalists. Now is the time to obtain quotes from professional, expert removalists. No matter if it is a single item or an entire household speak to one of Scotty’s moving experts on 1300 669 409.
  • Get on top of paperwork. Keep your moving budget on track by creating an itemized list of all your moving expenses. Create a folder for all your moving documentation, such as quotes and receipts.
  • Secure storage. Do you need any short term or long term storage? If you leave it too late, you may have to opt for an expensive, last minute storage solution.
  • Decide what you will take, what you will sell or donate, and what you will discard. You may find you need to organize a skip, a hard-rubbish collection, or a garage sale.

Brown boxes Scotty's Movers brand

One Month to Moving Day

First thing to remember, packing will always take longer than expected, so even though moving day is still a month away we recommend you complete these moving tips and packing tips one month out:

  • Finalise moving day. Lock in moving day dates and times with your removalists, so you have a clear date and timeframe to work to
  • Start Packing. Safe, secure packing is time consuming. So start packing as soon as you can, and allocate longer than you expect.
  • Change your address. Notify the electoral commission, tax office, banks and any other important contacts. If you have pets, you will also need to update their registration details with your current and future council office
  • Collect keys. Make sure you have all the keys to your current home—ask friends and family to return any spare keys

Two Weeks to Moving Day

By this stage of the moving process, your moving out checklist and Moving House Packing Tips should be your bible. Keep following our comprehensive checklist for moving to ensure a safe, stress-free move. Moving tips and packing tips two weeks out:

  • Confirm removalist. Contact your removalist to confirm payment and any removal requirements
  • Investigate regulations. Investigate any moving requirements (like parking and access restrictions, lift protocol and traffic management) imposed by authorities such as your local council, body corporate or building manager
  • Notify utilities. Notify all your utility providers and arrange disconnections and reconnections
  • Contact Australia Post. Organise mail redirection, and stop or redirect subscriptions and deliveries
  • Cancel services. Cancel any domestic services such as gardeners or house cleaners
  • Back up computers. Ensure all computers and important devices are backed up, and files are stored separately and securely

A couple relaxes after being done with packing and moving boxes.

One Week to Moving Day

With just one week to go to moving day, it’s more important than ever that these final checks are ticked off your list. Follow these moving house tips to keep you on track the week before moving:

  • Final inspection. If you’ve purchased a new home, now is the time to organize a final inspection—24 to 48 hours before a settlement is best to ensure that the property is up to the agreed standard
  • Collect keys. Arrange for your solicitor or agent to collect the keys to your new home, or visit your landlord and collect the keys yourself. Consider booking in a locksmith to change the locks at your new home on moving day
  • Confirm removalist specifics. Confirm details with your removalist:
    • Old and new addresses, access details, and mobile phone contacts
    • Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions of the selected removalist
    • Any additions or changes to your Removal Plan, such as destination, settlement times, packing and unpacking requirements
  • Set essentials aside. Keep small, important items (like remotes, keys, and chargers) in a specially marked box. Keep bedding and towels for moving day in a separate, marked box
  • Finish packing. Check that all lids and jars are screwed on properly to avoid spills during transit. Pack plates vertically to keep them more secure and prevent breaking during the move. Give indoor plants and sprinkle of water and pack them into plastic lined boxes. Drain petrol and oil from tools and equipment.

man putting tape on packing box

The Day before Moving Day

Your moving out checklist should really be small the day before moving, just the last-minute odd jobs. If you’ve followed the above moving house tips, then you should be feeling relatively calm and stress-free. Your moving out list for the day before includes:

  • If you have enlisted professional packing services, your packers will arrive at your home today. So, be sure to provide clear instructions
  • Inform your removalist of any changes
  • Defrost your freezer and clean your fridge
  • Drain liquid from appliances such as washing machines, irons, and icemakers
  • Check your new home is clean and ready for you to move in.

Moving Day Checklist

We understand all too well the stresses and challenges that moving day can bring. So, whether you enlist Scotty’s as your professional removalists, or decide to tackle moving home on your own, follow our moving day moving house checklist.

Follow these Tips at Your Old Home:

  • Give removalists a detailed tour of your home, giving clear moving instructions. Ensure there is adequate access for the moving truck and point out the access.
  • Make sure that ‘high priority boxes are easy to access, clearly marked and that the removalists are aware of them so they can be loaded last and be the first off
  • Confirm that all your treasures have been loaded onto the moving truck, by marking off your inventory
  • Carry important items, such as jewelry and important documents yourself
  • Leave a note with a forwarding address for any mail or deliveries.

Before you leave make sure:

  • Everything has been packed
  • All utilities have been disconnected and turned off
  • The house is secure
  • The garage door opener has been left behind
  • Your house keys have been returned to your solicitor or real estate agent.

Follow these Tips at Your New Home:

  • Make sure all access points are clear for your removalists
  • Explain to your removalists where you want your belongings placed
  • Check all utilities are connected
  • Carefully complete a condition report if you’re renting and take photos for your own records
  • Make assembling your beds a priority and then unpack the kitchen, bathroom and other key areas
  • Start enjoying life in your new home.

Following a few simple tips and tricks can help you breath and be less stressed for the move, we are always here to help no matter the size of the job. Contact us today!

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