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Moving house can be a challenging experience, even at the best of times. From planning the move, helping your family adjust, shifting utilities to hiring the right moving service for the job, the list of things to do is endless. With so much to keep track of, it’s no surprise when certain important aspects of a move are overlooked. One such detail is the quality of packing materials; as a professional relocation service in Queensland, Scotty’s The Movers has seen many well-planned moves fall apart (quite literally) because of low-quality boxes and packing tape. In this blog, we explore how using the correct packaging materials can make unpacking easier, protect your belongings and help you stay within budget.

The Importance of Quality Packing Materials

If you are unsure about the quality of your packing materials, get in touch with expert furniture removalists like Scotty’s The Movers for assistance. Here are some of the many benefits of good packaging supplies.

Pack and Move Service in Brisbane

Protect Valuable Belongings

What sets a professional pack and move service apart from a DIY move? It’s the use of sturdy, high-quality materials that are specially designed to hold up to the impact and rigours of transport. The standard of safety is further enhanced by the use of foam inserts, bubble wrap and specially designed boxes for books, suits and fragile items.

Cost Efficiency

There’s no doubt that cheaper packing materials are easier on the pocket in the short-term, but we strongly believe that investing in quality packing supplies saves a lot more money in the long-run. That’s because poorly made cardboard boxes and tape can fall apart suddenly, causing costly damages and increased expenditure on new packing supplies. With over 20 years of industry experience as a moving service, Scotty’s The Movers insists on using the very best supplies, no matter how big or small the move.


Several high-quality packing material manufacturers and movers companies are turning to eco-friendly, sustainable practices to help reduce their impact on the environment. Today, a customer can choose from a wide range of supplies that not only offer excellent protection, but also align with the global shift towards sustainability.

Contact Scotty’s The Movers to speak with a member of our team about our sustainable moving house services.

Ease of Unpacking and Organisation

Without proper planning, unpacking can turn into an exhausting and frustrating experience. Moving house services like Scotty’s The Movers recommend purchasing packing materials such as labels and clear plastic containers so that the process of unpacking is made much easier. The benefits of superior packing supplies extend far beyond protection of goods, they also help you stay organised and unpack efficiently.

Furniture Removalists for Residential and Commercial Clients

Whether it’s to safeguard your belongings or streamline the unpacking process, there are numerous reasons why movers companies always recommend using well-designed and sturdy packing materials. For more tips on how to improve efficiency during a complex house move, contact Scotty’s The Movers online, or request a quote from our team today!



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