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Are you looking for expert advice on how to plan your first big move? While it’s easy enough to find great packing and moving tips online, what you really need are insights from experienced professionals who have seen it all. As a trusted moving company in Queensland, we take pride in providing customers with information that helps them avoid the most common mistakes made during a move. From last minute planning to low-quality packing materials, this article addresses the most common mistakes that occur during a move. Contact Scotty’s The Movers today for more moving tips, or request a personalised quote.

Common Pack and Move Mistakes

Whether you’re attempting a DIY move or using house movers services, these are the most common mistakes to avoid.

Moving Company in Brisbane

Not Planning in Advance

The key to a successful move is proper planning. That means creating a detailed checklist with a realistic timeline, booking a pack and move service, decluttering the home and more. Proper planning helps you account for everything that goes into moving a home, reduces the risk of loss or damage to goods, ensures a stress-free experience and even helps you budget more efficiently.

Choosing the Wrong Pack and Move Service

One of the most common mistakes we see is customers hiring the first moving company they come across, without any research. Before selecting a moving service, consider the following questions:
● Does the moving company have experience in the industry?
● Do they specialise in residential or commercial relocations?
● Is the pricing transparent? Does the company offer discounts and package deals that help you with your budgeting?
● Customer support should always be a priority with house movers services. Do you find the staff communicative and helpful?

Moving Day Mistakes

Scotty’s The Movers recommends creating a separate moving day checklist to stay one step ahead. That’s because moving day is always hectic, which increases the possibility of mistakes on all fronts. A simple checklist lets you move from one task to another while also providing a bird’s eye view of all the things that need to be done.

Packing and Moving Companies

In the market for a pack and move team with skilled personnel and over 20 years of industry experience? Contact Scotty’s The Movers online for simple, stress-free relocation services, or get in touch for a personalised quote! We proudly service Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Darling Downs and Regional Queensland. If we can load your goods and get them to your destination in a day, you are within our transport service area.

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