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Choosing the right moving boxes for a home relocation can be surprisingly confusing. Not only is it important to select boxes that are made from high-quality materials, you also need to ensure that the type of box suits the kind of move you are planning. In this article, the team at Scotty’s The Movers combines years of relocation experience to provide you with a definitive guide to wardrobe boxes, dish pack barrels and more. Contact us today for a personalised quote, or browse our services page to learn more.

The Different Sizes of Transport Boxes

Before you start packing your household belongings, take a minute to consider not only the type, but also the size of the moving box you need.

Moving Boxes in Brisbane

Small Packing Box

Although it may not seem like much, a small box for moving is one of the best investments you can make. Items such as books and glass are more likely to stay protected when packed in a small box, rather than a large one with too much empty space. Small boxes are also great for compact electrical appliances and other heavy, but small items.

Medium Moving Box

A medium packing box is extremely useful when you need to pack slightly larger items tightly. With a volume of about 3 cubic feet, these boxes are designed to hold standard size appliances such as blenders, cookers and toasters. Scotty’s The Movers recommends filling up any extra space in the box with paper, bubble wrap or towels for added protection.

Large Box for Moving

Moving heavy or oversized items is much easier when you have specially designed moving boxes for the job. While large boxes are useful for transporting paintings, toys and even books, the key is to place heavier items on the bottom for better protection and balance.

Specially Designed Boxes

There’s a lot more to transport boxes than the sizes discussed above; Scotty’s The Movers uses a wide range of purpose built boxes such as:

● Dish packs for fragile kitchenware and crockery
● Plastic bins are often air tight and much more durable than even the best cardboard boxes
● Whenever possible, invest in storage solutions such as mattress boxes to prevent damage en route
● If you need to transport dresses, suits and items of clothing that can’t be folded, opt for wardrobe boxes that are fitted with a hanger rod.

Wide Range of Packing Boxes and Materials

Protect your precious belongings with our extensive range of packing boxes. Our team carefully selects the very best packing material from trusted manufacturers, and also provides customers with advice on the best packing materials for their needs. Whether you’re looking for a specially designed box for oversized items, or furniture covers to prevent chips and scuffs, Scotty’s the Movers is the place for you. Contact us online for a personalised quote!

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