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6 Perks of Hiring a Moving Company in Brisbane, QLD

While DIY house moves are popular because they save money, the team at Scotty’s The Movers has always believed that hiring a professional house moving service has certain unique perks that make the process more than worth it. An expert house moving service knows how to pack and protect your goods, transport them safely and save you time by unloading and unpacking at the destination. Read on for more information on how an expert removalist can save time, money and reduce stress in Brisbane.

Peace of Mind

Planning a move can be an overwhelming process. Packing, coordinating transport and handling last minute affairs requires mental bandwidth and time to think. Professional moving companies are equipped to help you take the load off, so you can focus your time on getting through the never ending list of things to do. Knowing that your belongings are being handled by an experienced house moving service means you can devote your time to handling everything else.

Reduce Stress

 Moving to a new home should be a happy occasion. The whole experience is likely to be negatively impacted, however, if you and your family are stressed by the moving process. Scotty’s The Movers helps manage this mammoth task by providing you with a team of specialists who know how to get things done efficiently. You get to focus on helping your kids adjust to change while we take care of the packing and transport.  

Professional Brisbane Removalist Equipment

Unfortunately, not everything in a home fits into a cardboard box. From moving pianos to specialised furniture removals Brisbane-wide, a professional house moving service has the knowledge and equipment required to move heavy objects safely out of your house and into a reliable vehicle. Safety is the primary concern when moving heavy objects, so always choose a Brisbane removalist who uses a strong workplace safety protocol.


Male movers carrying shelving unit into new house

Save Time with a Mover Brisbane

When you are handling all the aspects of a move yourself, it is very easy to lose track of time. Small, seemingly inconsequential delays add up and you suddenly find yourself unable to follow the well-planned schedule you had made before the house move began. If you need to move house quickly, moving companies are your best bet, because they can act quickly. By hiring a reliable house mover, you have a whole team to help you pack, load, transport, and unpack within your desired timeframe. Scotty’s The Movers provides clients with pre-moving services at no extra charge to save time.


Asking friends and family for help packing and loading your items might save you money, but it can also lead to unwanted surprises. Whether you need a service for furniture removals Brisbane-wide or local transport for household items, a moving company takes reasonable accountability for your items during packing and transport.

Save Money

A reputed moving company helps you move efficiently while minimising damage and giving you the time to follow your schedule. While it is cheaper to do a DIY move, rest assured that a quality moving company will save you money too, by giving you an upfront quote with all costs included in the package.

Trusted House Moving Service in Brisbane

Contact Scotty’s The Movers today for door-to-door house moving services. Our friendly team provides pre-moving services, heavy lifting capabilities and interstate transport support for students and families moving to a new home.


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