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You’ve finally decided to move into a dream home, a place perfectly suited to raising your family. You’re looking forward to a large backyard, new neighbours, and new experiences for your children. There is still one big question left to answer, however: how do you make the process of packing and moving easier with young children? At Scotty’s The Movers, we’ve helped numerous Brisbane families start new chapters in their lives, and we have a few tips on how to make the experience easier for children of all ages.

Talking to Children About Moving House

As a professional moving company, we understand that moving house impacts people in different ways. We believe that the key to a smooth transition is to communicate with children well before the shift occurs. Talking to young children about the exciting new experiences waiting for them at the destination is a great way to lift their spirits and give them something to look forward to. By letting them know what to expect at every stage, a new perspective can be developed that easily accommodates the changes.

Involve Them in the Process

As a local Brisbane removalist, we know that moving house is a challenging logistics operation. Moving companies see parents valiantly taking on the numerous challenges that come with relocation, trying to keep their children out of the process so they can be at ease. Instead, it might be more beneficial to get children excited about the packing process. Keep them engaged with tasks related to inventory, packing, and sorting through their belongings, so they feel important to the process.

For older children, it is a chance to take ownership of their belongings and contribute to the way in which things are packed and transported. A quality house moving service is passionate about communicating with customers, so encourage them to engage with the moving company, if they’re comfortable. Pre-moving services are the perfect time to involve children in the packing process.

Happy family with children moving with boxes in a new apartment house. Back view.


Create a Simple Structure to Follow

Whether you need help with furniture removals Brisbane-wide or a full house relocation, creating a schedule is beneficial for everyone involved. A schedule provides clear deadlines and small, easy to complete steps which make the task less overwhelming and easy to complete. Motivating children is easier when there are smaller tasks and checklists to complete. A schedule helps you stay organised and makes it easier to coordinate with your house moving service.

Door-to-Door House Mover Brisbane

Make moving with a family easier by hiring Scotty’s The Movers. Moving companies specialise in streamlining the house moving process, which allows you to focus on helping your family adjust to a new chapter in their lives.

As a trusted Brisbane removalist service, we ensure that all your belongings are treated with care and respect. Our comprehensive services include heavy lifting, furniture removals Brisbane-wide as well as pre-moving services using high quality packing boxes and materials. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team about your house moving challenge.

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