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Scotty’s The Movers is an industry leader in efficient house moving solutions for Brisbane residents. As passionate removalists, we support the DIY house moving trend because it allows individuals to save their hard-earned money and complete a house move by being resourceful. The benefits of hiring a professional house mover, however, are significant. In this blog, we discuss what makes DIY and professional house movers unique.

The Pros of a DIY House Move

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of a DIY house move.

Costs Less Than Hiring a House Moving Service

A DIY move costs significantly less than what moving companies charge. By using slightly cheaper packing materials, finding independent transport, and asking friends and family to help, the overall cost of a house move in Australia can be reduced.

Ideal for Small House Moves

For students and families who are moving house locally, the benefits of moving companies may not be as apparent. If a person does not have too many things to move and has a decent sized vehicle, it is possible to shift to a new space at a lower cost.

Hybrid DIY Moves

Another way to execute a DIY move is to pack the belongings independently and hire a transport vehicle for the move. Some moving companies provide professional drivers who drop the vehicle off, let a customer load their belongings, then return to drive the vehicle to its destination.

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The Cons of a DIY House Move

Here are some reasons why DIY house moves can be challenging.

Increased Stress

Without an experienced house mover, moving an entire house can be a difficult task. No matter how short the distance, furniture removals Brisbane-wide are challenging without the proper equipment, and poor packing of goods can result in damage.

Can be Time Consuming

Moving house is about more than just packing and moving items. It requires a person to change utilities, complete last-minute, work-related formalities, change addresses for various services and agencies, and manage children and pets. Without the proper assistance, moving house alone can be extremely time consuming.

The Benefits of a Professional Brisbane Removalist

How exactly can a house moving service like Scotty’s The Movers help?

Door-to-Door Support

Moving a house efficiently requires quality packing materials, skill, appropriate transport, and unloading services at the destination. An efficient house mover Brisbane residents have trusted for years, like Scotty’s The Movers, understands every need that a customer may have. Customers save time and money by having their belongings packed, moved, and unloaded at the destination, so they can begin settling into the new home.

Minimise Damage

While friends and family are always there to help, a house moving service is accountable for accidental damage that may happen to any goods they handle. An experienced mover Brisbane will also arrive with the right equipment and knowledge to move heavy objects safely.

Save Time

One of the best reasons to hire a local moving company is to benefit from pre-moving services. At Scotty’s The Movers, we offer customers a pre-moving service free of charge. Our team of experts will use quality packing boxes and packing materials to efficiently pack a customer’s belongings under their supervision to ensure ultimate protection and efficiency.

Heavy Lifting and Furniture Removals Brisbane

While DIY house moves are ideal for certain situations, they can end up costing more time and money than a person is willing to sacrifice. Scotty’s The Movers supports Brisbane residents by providing reliable services that are tailor made to suit a customer’s budget. Contact us today to find out more about moving house locally.

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