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If you are a Brisbane resident preparing to move to a new home, Scotty’s The Movers would like to share a few important tips to make things easier. Whether it’s going to be a DIY packing job or a professional house moving service for furniture removals Brisbane-wide, sturdy packing boxes are an absolute must. Packing boxes come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they’re constructed using high quality materials that protect goods. Read on to find out more about packing materials and boxes we trust to get the job done.

Tea Chest Box

Cardboard tea chest boxes are heavily relied upon by the best moving companies. Quality tea chest boxes are made using extra strong double walled cardboard, which retains its shape even with heavier objects inside. These boxes provide the strength and protection needed, allowing moving companies to transport a wide range of objects. Tea chest boxes are ideal for items such as computers, lamps, and ornaments, as well as heavier non-breakable objects that ordinary cardboard boxes cannot hold.

Book Box

Books are often the most vulnerable household items a moving company will transport. To make sure that a customer’s precious book collection is moved safely, moving companies use high grade cardboard boxes to store delicate items such as books, glassware, and wine bottles. Quality book boxes do not bend and are designed to withstand the bumps and scratches that are inevitable during a house move.

Port-a-Robe Box

A port-a-robe is a high-quality moving box which is specially designed to transport clothes that need to be kept on a hanger. They include a hanging rail so that suits, dresses, and shirts can be easily transferred and transported. This saves a lot of time when trying to pack a lot of clothes and protects them from becoming crumpled by the time they reach the destination.


Couple moving into new apartment. Lot of packing cartons around them.

Other Important Packing Materials

Any reputed house mover Brisbane trusts will ensure that they use specific packing materials to protect certain items. At Scotty’s The Movers, we provide customers with protective mattress covers and furniture covers for efficient furniture removals Brisbane-wide. Other supplies include:


  • Sturdy, clear packing tape
  • Tape dispenser for easy sealing of boxes
  • Quality black markers to label boxes for better organisation
  • Packing paper for wrapping individual items before they are stored in a box
  • Bubble wrap for extremely delicate objects such as glass, electronics, and ornaments

Friendly and Professional House Mover Brisbane

Whether you’re planning to pack up your home by yourself, or thinking about hiring a professional moving company, quality boxes and packing supplies are the key to success. Contact Scotty’s The Movers today for a wide range of packing materials specially designed to pack everything in your home safely.

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