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Have you made the decision to move from your current home? For a lot of people, moving house can be an emotional day. Leaving behind friends, family, and a life that you’re accustomed to can feel daunting. This leaves some people apprehensive about the experience. At Scotty’s The Movers, we’ve helped many families move into new homes over the years. With decades of experience as a professional moving company, we’ve been there when our clients start a new chapter in their life. Whether it’s new schools, new careers or new lifestyles, variety truly is the spice of life! Here are five things to look forward to when moving house, to ease the growing burden of stress during your move.

Time for a Fresh Start

As professional movers, our team has helped customers carefully pack away their belongings to move to a new home, many times. Every home is filled with memories, all of them important in some way. If living spaces can hold memories, then a new home is just what you make it! A new home is an opportunity to start over, to bring change, and to turn over a new page. As a house mover Brisbane trusts, our job is to help you safely transport all the things that help turn a new house into a home.

More Living Space

Moving companies often recommend that customers take the time to sell or donate the things they no longer need. If the new home has more living space, it becomes easier to make the most of it because there is less potential for clutter. Humans are creative by nature and having more space at one’s disposal leads to exciting design ideas. As a house moving service, we’ve seen customers move into a new home with a study, an art studio and even a den already in mind. Not sure where to start decluttering? Contact a quality pre-moving service like Scotty’s The Movers today for tips.

Update the Interiors

Renovating a home is typically an expensive task. Foundations, walls, fundamental design elements are often challenging. For those who were unable to do much to the interior of their old home, a new space is a great opportunity to try something totally new. The new home is a blank canvas which can be turned into whatever you want. If energy efficiency is the priority, maybe solar units on the roof will do the trick. Have you always wanted earthy, organic textures in the kitchen or a sleek, modern aesthetic in the living room? Now’s the time to experiment!


House in in Tingalpa, QLD

Better Work Life Balance

As a moving company, we’ve observed that one of the best things about moving house is that it allows people to create a better work life balance. Moving to the right house makes it easier for children to get to school and parents to get home sooner from work. Being able to spend time together as a family is a luxury in modern times, and those who have the opportunity should make the most of it!

Exploring a New Community

Moving house is about more than just the new home. One of the most exciting aspects is the chance to meet new people and be part of a new community. Australia is a thriving, dynamic and multicultural country where local communities have strong roots. Moving to a new home in Australia means diving into a new group where people have varied interests. Have fun exploring the community, getting to know your neighbours and make friends at the local coffee shop!

Professional Furniture and House Mover Brisbane, QLD

Whether you need help with furniture removals Brisbane-wide or transport for a few household items, Scotty’s The Movers has the solution you need. As one of Brisbane’s best moving companies, we know what it takes to pack and transport your possessions safely and efficiently. Contact our Brisbane removalist team today to have all your questions answered.

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