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It’s fair to say that the road from one house to another doesn’t always run smoothly, but it doesn’t have to be rocky and impassable either. In order to avoid a complete moving disaster, here are 3 top moving mistakes you really want to avoid making.

You’ve Decided to Wing It

Regardless of how much you’re a ‘spur of the moment’ person when it comes to moving you really can’t afford to wing it. You’ll need to organize the removalist for starters and when it comes to packing, do you really want to be frantically throwing everything into boxes at the last minute? What about your pets? Who’s going to be picking your kids up from school on the day of the move? Have you informed people that you are actually moving? All of these things take organization and planning and let’s face it the better organized you are the smoother your move is going to be.

You Didn’t Have a Clear Out

Let’s face it, we all have ‘stuff’ in our homes that we never use from one year to the next. Whether it’s that latest must-have waffle maker that you bought ten years ago that’s now gathering dust on the top of your cupboard; or that hoard of books that you’ve already read six times over but don’t have the heart to throw out, it’s still stuff that you’ll probably never use. To pack them up only to unpack them all again to gather dust for the next ten years is just plain crazy. What’s more, if you’re being charged by the load or space then it’s going to be costly too. Instead, a pre-move clear-out is a time to get ruthless and either discard, sell, or give away any items that you haven’t used in ages or are unlikely to use anytime soon. Look at it like this, the more you get rid of now, the easier it’s going to be to pack up, move, and unpack the other end.

You Don’t Have a Packing System

If you speak to anyone they’ll tell you that they have a unique packing system that works for them. Whether it’s doing something as simple as writing the relevant room on the packing boxes, or a color-coded master plan that will be able to locate any item in any box in under 2 minutes, you’ve got to have a plan. The key is to not make it so complicated that you can’t remember what the plan actually is, but conversely, don’t make it so haphazard that you end up spending hours trying to locate the kettle and cups just to make yourself a cup of tea. Keep it simple but keep it organized.

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