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In an ideal world, you probably wouldn’t be trying to pack for an impending house move unless you’ve actually sold yours first. That said, this isn’t an ideal world and as such there are many reasons why you might be packing while still trying to maintain your property for those all-important viewings. Perhaps you need to be ahead of the game because of a large summer project that will keep you busy for a few months, or perhaps you’ve already got a place to move into and you’ve decided to move items as and when you can. Whatever the scenario, the question is, how do you show your property off to its very best while you’re trying to pack everything up? The answer lies in staging.

Staging is a concept whereby your home is prepared to appeal to as many of your target buyers as possible. It increases the chances that viewers will immediately imagine it as their own and (hopefully) can see themselves in the property with their belongings and furniture. By removing key elements from your homes such as photos, souvenirs, and other specific items that signify that the property is uniquely yours, it’s likely to appeal to a wider range of potential buyers.

Also by reducing any clutter to the point where a room borders on the verge of sparse it gives people a better sense of space, so again people can imagine it filled with THEIR furniture and THEIR belongings. Staging may even include painting walls in neutral colors so it remains inoffensive to any potential buyers. Done correctly, staging can dramatically reduce the time that a property remains on the market. With this in mind, just how do you pack while trying to stage your property at the same time?

De-Personalise as a Priority

We’ve already talked about the need to remove personal items such as family photos, souvenirs from your travels, or ornamental clutter. This said, we suggest you do this as a priority. By doing so, not only does it allow you to get a good head start on your packing, you’re also de-personalising (and hopefully de-cluttering) your home ready for staging. How’s that for efficiency?

Out of Sight Out of Mind

There’s nothing worse than a potential buyer having to step over a multitude of packing boxes as they move from one room to another. Therefore try to keep your packing boxes out of sight. If you have a loft, attic space, or large cupboard then keep them safely tucked away. Failing that, pick one room and store all your packed boxes neatly up against a wall. Remember you’re trying to create an illusion of space. Alternatively of course it might pay you to rent some storage space for a short while where you can store your packed items. Okay so it might cost you initially, but if it means that you get to sell your property quicker, then it’s probably money well spent.

Paring Back

Finally, try paring everything back to the bare minimum. This means getting rid of duplicate items, going through your wardrobes, and discarding any clothes, shoes, or handbags you haven’t worn in a  long time; and don’t forget your garage space too. Remember you’re looking for a well-kept home that’s bordering on sparse, especially if you want to show off your property to the best of its ability.

If after successful staging you do sell your house in record time then you might want to contact Scotty’s The Movers. We’ve been successfully moving residents and businesses in and around Queensland for nearly 15 years. Our flexible moving packages and highly experienced team give you total peace of mind at a price that suits you. For a fast, no-obligation quote, why not visit our website at Alternatively, you can call us direct on 1300 669 409. We look forward to hearing from you.

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