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One of the reasons for moving home is because your family has all grown up and flown the nest and suddenly you find the two of you are rattling around like two peas in a pod. Downsizing is a good idea until you realize that you have way too much furniture and possessions to fit into your new property. The thing is, letting go of treasured items can be painful, and if done in a hurry may lead to regrets further down the line. A solution is to store everything that you’re not taking to your new property and then, once you’re settled, you can take your time to sift through everything in storage and make some decisions as to what to do with it.

Storage Options

If you’re considering storage then you’ll find there are two options-general storage or self-mini storage.

General storage is where your goods are stored in a warehouse situation. Typically the goods are wrapped in cardboard and stacked on pallets. This type of storage does have its flaws in that damage and loss are not uncommon, and often accessing your storage is difficult. Many removal companies use this system and it has given the industry a bit of a bad name, as sometimes customers are misled into the type of storage facility that is being offered.

Consequently mini or self-storage facilities have become widely established throughout Australia and are more secure and way more convenient. Typically you’re able to hire a lockable unit that’s within a secure area. Only you will have a key to the door and you’ll be able to access your unit at practically any time of the day or night.

Types of Self Storage Companies

Within the industry, you’ll find there are two types of self-storage companies. Those that operate with a site manager and those that use a booking agent.

You’ll find that security and service are far more superior at storage facilities that have a site manager. In our opinion, those that only use a security company or fence to protect the area are best avoided. To find the best self-storage for you, we’d suggest that you take into account

  • The one that is closest to your new address
  • The one that has an on-site manager
  • The one that offers a variety of unit sizes to suit your needs

Storage Size

So now you’ve decided to store your goods how do you know what size unit to choose? As a removal company we can usually give you a rough guide when you’re booking us to help you move. However you should also take into consideration the length of time that you’re considering storing your goods. If you’re storing for less than three months, we’d suggest choosing a bigger unit whereas if you’re storing for longer than three months, it will be cheaper if you squeeze everything into a smaller unit.

If you’re intending moving house then start planning early rather than later as you’ll be amazed at how quickly the time creeps up on you. One of the first things to do is to de-clutter and you need to be ruthless here. By getting rid of things that you haven’t used during the past year, then you’ll have less to pack and less to take to another property. Who knows, it could even dispense with the need for you to store excess furniture and possessions.

If you’re looking for a Brisbane removal company we offer a variety of different sized trucks to suit every size of move, from one item to a house full. You’ll also be pleased to learn that we don’t charge extra for Saturday and Sundays, unlike many other removal companies. Why not contact  Scotty’s “the movers” on 1300 669 409 for a free, no-obligation quote. Alternatively, you can check out our prices on our website at

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