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Scotty’s The Movers is a local moving company that knows how important it is to stay alert and focused when moving home. Without the proper support and advice, mistakes can happen, which lead to valuables being misplaced or damaged. In this blog, our Brisbane removalist team has included useful tips to help make the process of moving easy, organised and stress free.

The Do’s of House Moving

Here are some useful tips from a professional Brisbane removalist to make house moving easier.

Plan Ahead

Professional moving companies are very particular about planning because it allows them to tackle seemingly insurmountable house moving tasks into smaller, simpler steps. Create a plan that clearly identifies your moving date and take the time to create an inventory which includes every item in your room. With a list for each room always at hand, you are unlikely to overlook important items during the packing process.


Now that you have an inventory, take the time to consider whether you really want to take every item to the new home. This is a great opportunity to sell or donate items you no longer use. Not only will this lighten the packing load, but it will also save money on packing materials and make settling into the new home easier.

Create a Labelling System

After packing a box, take the opportunity to use coloured labels to help identify what the box contains and where it needs to be unpacked when you get to the new home. Most customers reach their new home physically and mentally exhausted, so having a clear labelling system helps stay organised in the new house.

Hire a Professional Mover Brisbane

The best way to keep things easy and stress free is to hire a house moving service or a specialist for furniture removals Brisbane residents trust. These professionals have years of experience packing and transporting items safely and will use quality packing materials to minimise damage.


Dos And Don’ts Of Moving House in Brisbane

The Don’ts of House Moving

Here are some valuable tips on what to avoid when moving house.

 Last Minute Packing

Moving companies always advise against last minute packing because it can lead to items becoming misplaced or lost in transit. When suddenly faced with multiple packing tasks, it is natural for people to lose track of things. Not only does it become difficult to keep track of what has been packed, it also becomes incredibly difficult to settle into a new house when you are standing amongst a sea of boxes with no labels and no idea where anything is!

Overload Boxes

Lack of planning leads to last minute packing, which invariably leads to stuffing items into boxes as the transport vehicle is pulling up outside your house! This will almost certainly cause damage to delicate items, crumple suits and dresses and suddenly confront you with costs you didn’t budget for. Contact a professional moving company for quality packing materials to protect your valuables.

DIY Packing

DIY packing is a popular trend for budget-friendly movers. While it is ideal for small moves over short distances, DIY packing can lead to problems when moving families and large homes.

Fully Equipped Professional House Mover Brisbane

Contact Scotty’s The Movers today for comprehensive, door-to-door house moving services. Professional moving companies have the expertise, the equipment, and are required to take responsibility for your valuables and ensure that they reach their destination on time.


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