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Delivery boys delivering parcels with confirmation

Let’s face it moving house can be pretty stressful. In fact, it’s right up there with death and divorce. For this reason, you need to find a removal company that takes away as much of the worry as possible. Here are five factors to help you find your perfect match.


Is your removal company easy to get in touch with? Are their contact details prominently displayed? If you do manage to get through on the phone are you talking to a real person or a recorded message? All these questions are extremely relevant as the more convenient they are to you, the less stressful you’re likely to be as the moving day looms ever closer.


Just imagine you’re all packed and ready to go, but there’s a problem! The removal company you thought you’d booked hasn’t turned up. You frantically contact them and eventually get through to someone only to be told that they never had confirmation and therefore have taken on another job instead. To avoid this scenario do a little sleuthing. Check previous testimonials, ask around, and do some digging on the internet. If it all comes back as good and they appear to be a well-established, long-serving company, there’s a strong chance that they have the reliability factor and are going to show up on the given day.

Comprehensive Insurance

No removalist worth their salt wants to damage items in transit and no homeowner wants their items damaged, but unfortunately, accidents can and do happen. With this in mind, it’s advisable to make sure that the removalist has a clear written policy that specifies what’s covered, what isn’t, and under what circumstances. All reputable removalist companies should have insurance to cover damage caused by a motor vehicle accident while your goods are in transit. But when it comes to that accidental scratch across your polished timber table, for example, you are often left depending on the integrity of the business you are dealing with. Also, be aware that just because a business offers to sell your insurance (usually at a hefty additional fee) you are not guaranteed an easy claim process if the company involved if trying to be uncooperative. The best peace of mind comes from dealing with a company that has clear and written Terms and Conditions with the integrity to follow through with what they say. You may not always be able to replace memories, especially if it’s a sentimental piece, but at least you’ll be financially compensated.

Upfront Costs

There’s nothing worse than a company that is less than transparent. It makes you think that they’ve got something to hide and more often than not it’s the costs. Do you really want to be presented with a bill for services you didn’t even know you’d been charged for after the event? If the answer is no then look for a company that proudly displays its prices and is open and honest about them. This way it’s far less likely that you’re going to get a shock at the end of your move.


If you need to move on a specific day, book early; especially if the day you want is a Friday or Saturday as these days are in high demand. Also, be aware that booking the first time slot of the day is the only way to be sure of avoiding the unwanted and frustrating possibility of the truck arriving late because the job in front was bigger than anticipated. If you book a truck for an afternoon arrival, the actual arrival time of your truck will be dependent on how long the job before yours turned out to be. A good removalist company will give you a window of time for their estimated arrival but it’s wise to not make your schedule so tight that it can’t allow for some flexibility.

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