With so many things to do before moving house it’s hardly surprising that a few things get left off the ‘To do’ list. No matter how well organised we think we are, there’s always something that we forget. Moving day soon comes around, so we thought we’d list five of the most common things that people forget to do, in the hope that you won’t make the same mistakes.

  1. Up-date your new address – This is one of those things that’s often left until the last minute when really it makes sense to get it sorted 2 or 3 weeks before you move. Australia Post has a useful website (auspost.com.au) where you can quickly notify selected organisations such as your bank, insurance provider, and superannuation fund, with your new address.
  2. Collect together important documentation – Start collecting all your important documents and personal records together and put them in a single file, That way you have them in one place and there’s no last minute panic when it comes to locating them. These include items such as passports, driving licenses, school/doctor/dentist records, spare keys and so on.
  3. Dispose of dangerous goods – Before your moving day you need to go through your home and put to one side any flammable or dangerous goods which shouldn’t be included in your removal. Typically these are items that may be under your kitchen sink, in your laundry room, garage, and shed and include such things as gas cylinders, oil, petrol, paints, and aerosol cans. Put them into a box and give them to your neighbour as they won’t be able to be moved with your household furniture and possessions.
  4. Spare keys – Most of us tend to leave a spare set of keys with a neighbour so make sure that you get these back well ahead of your removal date. Your new owner and real estate agent will thank you for it.
  5. Final check – Just like when you leave a hotel room, do a final check of every room before closing your door for the very last time. Remember to turn off the electricity and water and check all of your cupboards, wardrobes, and shelves to make sure that nothing has been left behind. It’s not always that easy to get someone to forward anything on to you at a later date.

Now take a deep breath, relax, and start to enjoy the next stage of your life.

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