Pre-Packing and Packing Supplies Available in Brisbane

We’ve been thinking of ways to make your move more affordable and less stressful!

No Time to Pack???

We Can Help With A Complete Professional Pre-Pack.

If you think that a complete pre-pack is a luxury service that is beyond your budget, think again. At Scotty’s “The Movers”, we offer a unique, price per box – supplied and packed  Professional Pre-Pack Service. That means, we’re not counting the hours, just the boxes. You can sit back and let us pack the lot; or you can get in and pack some and leave the rest to us. At the end of the day, we will count how many boxes we’ve packed and calculate your cost accordingly.

Our packers will come to your home in Brisbane a day or two before the move with all the packing supplies needed to complete the pack. We’ll simply start at one end of the house and work through to the other, making sure everything is ready for your removalists to ensure a well-organised and efficient uplift of your goods.

Low cost packing supplies

Cost for our packing service is $18 a T Chest Box, $16 a Book Box and $20 a Port-a-robe. This cost includes the box itself, any packing supplies used within the boxes and the labour to pack. Additional charges of $4.50 a metre applies for the use of International Bubble Wrap and $3.00 a metre for Standard Bubble Wrap used on items not boxed. Once again, these costs include the labour to wrap these items.

If you would also like our team of packers to disassemble beds, or even get a bit of help with sweeping and vacuuming, our labour only rate for these sorts of services is $50 per hour.

After your move is complete, you can give us a call and we will (at no charge) come and collect your boxes and used packing materials to save you time in having to dispose of the rubbish yourself. Please note that we do not offer to buy back boxes or other packing supplies when we do the prepack for you, but we will collect them from your new home in Brisbane, when you have finished using them, at no charge.

For other useful tips and advice for moving in Brisbane, check out our moving guide.

Planning on packing yourself???

We’ve got low cost moving boxes & packing supplies

If you are planning on a self-pack, we can provide boxes with two ways to save money.

Here’s how it works: You call in at our depot at Unit 3/ 1027 Manly Road, Tingalpa QLD 4173 and buy NEW boxes at our normal retail price of $6 a T Chest and $4 a Book Box and after your move is completed by us, simply bring them back to us within 6 weeks and we’ll buy them back at $2 a T Chest and $1 a Book Box!

Or, buy quality used boxes off us and only pay $3 a T Chest or $2 a Book Box – this makes them HALF PRICE BOXES! Please note that boxes sold as used are not purchased back after use. Used boxes sell quickly so, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee stock of used boxes at all times.



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