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As the climate crisis becomes increasingly severe, the global community is looking to the industries of the world to lead the way towards building a more sustainable future. The removals industry in Australia has responded to this call by gradually adopting more eco-friendly practices to mitigate its impact on the environment; this includes the use of sustainable packing materials, the reduction of waste, streamlining logistics to lower emissions and more. In this article, Scotty’s The Movers explores just some of the ways Queensland residents can adopt processes and practices that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Choose Eco Friendly Moving Boxes

The first step towards a greener house move is selecting eco moving boxes that are made from recycled cardboard and paper. From boxes to wrapping paper, there are plenty of cost-effective recycled options available in today’s market. Eco-friendly moving doesn’t just have to be about boxes; packing peanuts made from corn or potato starch are not only biodegradable, they also use far less energy during the manufacturing process.

To make things even more cost-effective, you could consider using reusable boxes and plastic bins to store and transport items.

Eco Friendly Moving Boxes in Brisbane

Reduce Waste

Speak to any environment-friendly moving company about sustainability and the first thing they’ll talk about is reducing waste. Whether you’re decluttering your home or disposing of packing materials, the aim should always be to donate or recycle things so that they can be reused instead of ending up in the waste disposal cycle.

Decluttering makes your move more cost-effective, while also reducing the size of the vehicle you need, and the number of trips it must make to transport belongings.

Eco-Friendly Moving Company Logistics

No eco-friendly move is complete without a house move service provider who also prioritises sustainable practices. Scotty’s The Movers recommends contacting companies that use clean energy technologies like biofuel and electric trucks, or improve their efficiency by carefully planning routes to reduce travel time and minimise emissions.

Environment-Friendly Moving and Storage

Reducing your individual impact on the environment doesn’t have to be limited to eco friendly moving boxes. Sustainable living is as much about reducing energy usage as it is about minimising wastage. Here are some tips on how to manage energy usage in your new home:

● Install energy efficient lighting
● Upgrade insulation for better heating and cooling
● Opt for appliances that are designed for efficiency

Unpacking and Disposing of Eco Moving Boxes

The last and most important detail in environment-friendly moving and storage practices is the appropriate disposal of moving boxes. During the unpacking process, non-recyclable items should be clearly segregated, and all recyclable materials should be disposed of through local council approved channels.

Wide Range of Residential Relocation Services

Following the strategies included in this article will not only have a positive impact on the environment, but also lower house moving costs. Contact Scotty’s The Movers online for more eco-friendly house moving tips, or get in touch for a personalised quote.



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