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Moving home is undoubtedly one of the most stressful things to do. As one of Brisbane’s best furniture removalist Companies we have adapted some packing and moving tips that can make this process easier for you.

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Create a Checklist for Moving

Firstly, create yourself a checklist that includes rough timelines for yourself, this timeline will differ from move to move depending on the size of your move, if you are doing the packing and move yourself or if you are enlisting the help of furniture removalists services. Some items for your checklist may include:

  • Blocking time off on a calendar to prepare for the move
  • Know your moving date to the best of your ability (pending settlements may be a little harder to determine)
  • Set a budget for your move
  • Track expenses to see if you are still within your budget
  • Determine if you are moving items yourself or are planning to enlist the help of furniture removalists services
  • Obtain quotes and make sure you check reviews for your preferred furniture removalist Companies

When packing it is the perfect time to get rid of the items that you no longer use or have need for, so figure out what you want to toss, keep, sell or donate. As the saying goes ‘One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!’ Don’t over work yourself while packing either, if you try and get everything done in one day you will add unnecessary stress to yourself. Try packing one room at a time and spend an hour or two each day, this will help stop you from procrastinating and overwhelming yourself. It is a good idea to label your boxes so that you know where the items will be unpacked into.

Checklist to follow for moving services

Many people fall into the trap of getting themselves cheap or free boxes for their move, this may result in them falling apart or they could also have bugs through them which will transfer to your items. New removalist boxes are relatively inexpensive and can start from about $4-$6 per box and will have the benefit of being durable as they have not been previously used, they can be purchased from furniture removalist Companies. If you are using the larger boxes, whether you are moving them yourself or enlisting furniture removalists services, do not over pack them with heavy items. Use smaller boxes to pack kitchen areas while the larger boxes can be used for linen and or cloths. If you do need to mix heavier and lighter items together, pack the heavier items first this will help minimise the damage to any breakables you put in the larger boxes, also be sure not to leave empty space in boxes; fill in this space with towels, cloths, packing paper or some other type of padding. Most importantly make sure your boxes are sealed with tape to close the bottom and top seams and around the edges where stress is concentrated.

Lastly, the items you must avoid when moving as they can be hazardous during the moving process and are not permitted to be moved in a removalist truck regardless if you are renting your own or one through furniture removalist Companies. Tools, painting equipment and cleaning chemicals need to be packed together and clearly marked on the box. It is advised to use plastic boxes/ tubes to prevent messy or dangerous leaks. All medications should be kept together and separate from other items that have been packed. If you are using a removalist company they will advise as part of their terms and conditions that they are unable to move combustible materials, therefore they will need to be moved by yourselves.

Essential items for moving include tape and boxes.

We hope these tips will help during your next move.

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