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Temporary Storage That Is Safe and Secure

In association with Cavalier Containers, we at Scotty’s also offer temporary storage for your items in safe and secure shipping containers coming in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes. The 20ft containers are new builds that can come in the standard 8’6″ height or 9’6″ high cube height and come equipped with the following features:

  • Lock Box – Added Security
  • Single Handle
  • Bamboo Floor – Stronger, termite proof and looks great
  • 14 Vents – suitable for the QLD climate.

We can also offer 10ft Containers with normal doors or roller doors.
Pricing: 1 – 3 weeks =$200, Monthly = $400

If you are interested in our storage containers, please review our moving trucks and the storage sizes that each truck size offers here. This should help you determine what size storage container you are after.

10ft Container

17 Cubic Metres

20ft Container

32 Cubic Metres

40ft Container

76 Cubic Metres

For convenience, our storage facility is located onsite at our depot: 1027 Manly Road, Tingalpa

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