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Buy Quality Moving Boxes from the Best Brisbane Removalists

When it comes to furniture removal and moving services Brisbane, you can’t go wrong with Scotty’s The Movers. We have a team of hardworking local and interstate removalists, and we stock a range of items to help you with your move.

All the items listed below can be collected directly from our office in Tingalpa. Please call ahead to ensure we have your preferred moving supplies in stock, otherwise our Brisbane removalists can help you find an alternative solution.

Boxes and Port-a-Robes

We make moving a breeze with a wide selection of heavy-duty moving boxes and port-a-robes for your personal possessions. Our tea chest and book boxes are especially popular for large households that need big, sturdy boxes for the safe transport of items. Our Brisbane removalists recommend the port-a-robe box, which comes with a rail to hang up your clothes, avoiding wrinkles and helping to prevent damage.


Tea Chest Box ($6.00)
Removals Carton for book
Book Box ($4.00)
Port a robe with Rail ($16.00)
Scotty's The movers -250x300
Scotty's The movers

Mattress & Furniture Covers

As Brisbane’s leader in furniture removals and pre-packing services, Scotty’s The Movers also sells mattress and furniture covers. Stock up on protective covers to avoid scratches and marks on some of your most expensive household goods. When used in conjunction with a qualified furniture removal team, these covers offer peace of mind that your bed, mattress, sofa, tables, chairs and more are well-protected.


Mattress Cover ($6.50)
Furniture Cover ($6.50)

Miscellaneous Supplies

In addition to big boxes and mattress/furniture protectors, our furniture removal specialists can also point you in the right direction for moving supplies and packing accessories. Our range of moving products includes tape dispensers, clear packing tape, black markers, packing paper, bubble wrap, and paper rolls, which all go a long way in keeping your move organised and stress-free. With our packing supplies and moving services Brisbane, you can feel confident about your next chapter.

Tape Dispenser ($12.00)
Clear Packing Tape ($2.50)
Black Marker ($2.50)
Packing Paper 15kg ($40.00)
Bubble Wrap ($9.00)
Paper Roll ($8.00)

Shop Scotty’s Boxes and Other Moving Items

When you need to stock up on quality moving boxes and packing supplies, the trusted Brisbane removalists at Scotty’s The Movers can help. Get in touch today for a free quote on the best moving services Brisbane.